Deck the Halls! House of Fraser reveals Christmas decorating habits of the nation.

01 December 2016
All That Glitters


A recent survey, commissioned by House of Fraser, reveals that we are a nation of keen Christmas decorators, eager to indulge in an ever expanding season of festivities.

According to the survey of 1000 respondents, 11% of women admit to purchasing new Christmas decorations as early as January, whilst 40% begin to think about decking the halls as the nights darken in September. The survey revealed that the North East are the most eager region to get caught in a festive flurry with 27% buying Christmas decorations before October - earlier than any other region.

Many of these expert Christmas decorators like to update their theme each year, with 8% buying into a totally new theme, and 29% swapping in more on-trend decorations to their festive look.

Kate Thompson, Head of Home Buying comments:

"The festive season is a vital time for us here at House of Fraser and due to the ever expanding Christmas market many retailers in the UK make more than 40% of their annual profits from this trading period. Last December we saw eager shoppers spend a massive £42.1bn on the high street in the run up to Christmas."

When it comes to decorating your home, the pressure is on. Interestingly, a competitive 27% of men strive for their decorations to be more impressive than friends and neighbours, compared with 11% of women. For the design savvy under-30’s, social media acts as a huge source of inspiration with 25% taking to Pinterest for the latest creative decorating trends. This compares with almost half of the over 50’s looking to the high street to recreate inspirational store displays in their own homes.

Regional research shows that 31% of Londoners have a competitive streak wanting their decorations to be the most impressive. They are also most likely to leave them up the longest compared to the national average, possibly due to their busy lifestyles.